Indexed Annuities and Surrender Periods – Why?

We frequently get asked these kinds of questions when addressing indexed annuities as part of what we call the “bucket strategy” of retirement planning: Why does an annuity make sense in my retirement portfolio? What are the fees associated with these sorts of products? What is a surrender period, and

Curious As To The Process? Let Us Explain

This week we featured a quote in one of our Facebook posts that highlighted the stance most people take when it comes to planning their retirement futures.  It went like this: “…A lot of us have put our heads in the sand when it comes to thinking about tomorrow.” Two

When Markets Fluctuate…

Our current geopolitical and economic climate plays a huge role in people’s confidence in their financial planning strategies. In this article, Michael Neft, one of the founding parters of Secure Retirement Strategies, elaborates on the benefits of indexed annuities. Though the clip was filmed during a slightly different market climate