Confidence In Your Team

Putting your trust in an individual to handle the finances in retirement might seem daunting.  But combining the perspectives, experience, capabilities, and proven outcomes of a team approach gives you a greater sense that the options being presented, and the decisions being made, aren’t isolated but vetted, tested, and refined.

Here, Marc Smith, founding partner of Secure Retirement Strategies, gives you an overview of how that approach works within the context of daily operations.

Full transcript below the video.


I think at Secure Retirement, where we become a little bit different. First of all, we’re fiduciaries. Everyone today is not a fiduciary out there.

I think it’s important we put the clients first, not us. We’ve been around for a long time. A lot of experience here.

And, you know, we all get older. So if one of us is not at the firm anymore, we have a large team. And basically most of the other piece of that team, they’re in their early forties, mid forties, late thirties. And they’re familiar with all the accounts. So it’s not like getting someone new or a rookie.

The other thing we’re really, really good at is helping you save on taxes. We do a thing called LIRP a life insurance retirement plan. Really well known today. We’ve probably done over two to 300 a year. We use an actuary. We’re really, really good in that, in that part.

We have accountants on staff. We do a lot of really good planning for the client. The client is always first .