How To Choose Retirement Investments

A Plethora Of Investment Options

Because your retirement is hard-earned, you want to know how to choose retirement investments, and choose the right ones.

You’ve already invested untold hours, dollars, and thought deciding how you should be allocating the funds you’ve saved up for. But with an ever-evolving world of retirement planning options, investments, and portfolios, the choices become more vague with each passing day.

Not to say anything about federal and state legislation always in flux.  How should you go about choosing retirement investments?

Don’t Go It Alone

Most financial planning firms rely on an “advisor-centric” approach to planning, which assigns a 1:1 ratio, client to advisor.  While this might seem like a good way to get custom care for choosing your retirement investments, wouldn’t you rather have the combined care of a primary advisor contact, with the wealth of knowledge, insight, and experience that a team can bring?

With Secure Retirement Strategies, that’s exactly what you get.

Retirement Investments From An Experienced Team

At Secure Retirement Strategies, we manage a registered investment advisory group called Duke & Duke Wealth Management.

Founding Partner, Michael Neft, heads up that side of our firm, bringing nearly 40 years experience to bear on helping choose retirement investments for you, your needs, and your goals.

Watch below as Michael goes further in-depth about how this side of our firm can work for you and your secure retirement.

Transcript: How To Choose Retirement Investments

Hi everyone, my name’s Mike Neft, I’m one of the founding partners of Secure Retirement Strategies.

And my responsibility at the firm is to manage our registered investment advisory group, Duke & Duke Wealth Management.

We have a lot of different portfolios that we offer to our clients and those portfolios are deemed and controlled by how we base and judge, and what you tell us your goals and your objective and your risk tolerance is.

We have a variety of portfolios. We have dividend portfolios, a conservative portfolio. We have a conservative-balanced portfolio which is going to be moderate growth.

We have a five star growth portfolio, which is a large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap portfolio.

Pretty much blending in everything, including the Standard & Poor 500. We even have a lithium portion of that portfolio too.

The one common denominator of all the portfolios we manage is, we use ETFs exchange traded funds, rather than mutual funds, in almost every case.

The reason for that being is ETFs trade during market hours, minute by minute, hour by hour, whereas mutual funds don’t trade until the end of the business day.

In addition, a traditional ETF or exchange traded fund has much lower annual expenses than a mutual fund does. And when we’re managing money and getting a gain for you, we want to keep our expenses as low as possible.

Because the less you’re going to be responsible for in expenses that are built into these investments, the more money you have the opportunity to make.

That’s why we try to keep those low.

We have the complete gamut from high risk to very low risk, to almost no risk portfolios and everything in between. Our goal, and our benchmark, are typically the Standard & Poor 500, or the Standard & Poor 500 and an index called the MSCIEFA, which stands for Europe, Asia, and the Far East.

Our goal is to significantly outperform those benchmarks, not only in this short period of time, like three months, but in a one year period, a three year period, a five and a 10 year period.

We’ve been very good at not only beating, but pretty much significantly beating those benchmark indexes year in and year out.

We’re proud of that fact. That gives us the ability to say, not only do we outperform those indexes, we really can beat the pants off those indexes.

We would love the opportunity to show you how we could do for you. So, look us up on the website, Get in touch with us on social media, or just call our main number as well too: (267) 544-0333.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.