Leveraging Our Experience To Maximize Your Experience

We leverage our experience in planning retirements to maximize your experience in living your retirement.
John Blair brings 25 years of experience in the financial planning world to bear on our team, our operations, and your experience as a valued client of ours.
John’s, and our entire team’s, goal is for you to enjoy a stress-free and secure retirement.
Transcript below video.


Hi, my name is John Blair. I’m the Head of Operations here at Secure Retirement Strategies.

My official title is Vice President of Underwriting and Case Design. I come to the firm with over 25 years experience in financial services, ranging from, last working at a major international insurance broker.

My role here at SRS is basically, I wear many hats if you will. When we have a new business case, I’m responsible for making sure the case is processed. Following up in a timely fashion with both the clients and our other partners to ensure the best possible experience for our customer.

Additionally, I’m responsible for the back office, after your life insurance policy or annuity contract is issued. Each year I’m responsible if you want to take money from your account, per se, I’m responsible for helping facilitate that part of what we do here. So, you know, I do wear many hats.

I love my job. I think we have a wonderful team here. A lot of experience, love dealing with our clients. That’s why we’re here, is to make everybody have a wonderful retirement, stress-free retirement and a secure retirement.