Our Diverse Financial Backgrounds and Robust Perspectives

Aristotelian rationale says that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Accountants might want to see the numbers on that (trust us, we have plenty of them at our firm).

And yet we couldn’t agree more.  The team approach sets Secure Retirement Strategy above other financial planning firms, and our clients know it.

Watch below as Marc Smith, founding partner at SRS describes the value behind our team.  We’d love to put our team to work for your financial goals.


So I think at secure retirement strategies, what sets us apart, you know we have a lot of really, really good people here. We have a lot of people who have really diverse backgrounds in accounting as one of the things, who are accountants actually.

I think we have case designers here, who, we don’t do cookie cutter plans. So each one is designed individually for that family, that person, husband, and wife, partners. We really design it for that person. We’re unique in that way.

And I think that the diverse age group that we have here of partners and, people who run departments here, if one of us retires, one of us will one day, there’s plenty of depth.

So you’ll know the team, you’re not going to be stuck with someone new. And those today are really, really unique and it makes us unique.

We don’t sell just products. We’re in touch with you. We do annual reviews. We do quarterly reviews, that sort of thing. And I think we’re really cutting edge, especially on the tax side of things.

And everyone wants to save on taxes today.