Properly Structured LIRPs Make For A Tax-Free Retirement

When most people think of their retirement structures, lessening their tax burden usually falls toward the top of their list of priorities.

Below, Lou Aarons explains why a properly structured life insurance retirement plan, or LIRP, both minimizes that burden, while leveraging the exponential power of indexing.


Hi, it’s Lou Aarons, I’m one of the partners here at Secure Retirement Strategies and I want to talk to you about the LIRP, the life insurance retirement plan, where you’re using life insurance for its living benefits. One of those key benefits that the LIRP provides is being able to use it for income.

Wouldn’t you like retirement income to be tax-free? Completely tax-free, we’re talking about not even showing on your tax return. A properly structured LIRP will do that for you. Your money is growing through indexing. That’s another topic. Just know your money is growing through indexing without losing anything.

In a downmarket and you have the flexibility to be able to take that income however you like. You can set it up like a pension where you’re getting regularly, monthly, quarterly, annual payments. Again, tax-free you can take that lump sum whenever you like it. If you want to take that special trip, if you want to make that special gift, you can take it in a lump sum.

And you even have the ability to pay it back and put it back into the account so that money can grow. You can actually be your own bank. A properly structured LIRP gives you income as one of its living benefits. It’s what we at Secure Retirement Strategies do, which is make sure that your LIRP is properly structured.

In addition to income, our next session is going to talk about utilizing that LIRP for long-term care benefits if you actually need it