Holistic Investing

Trust The Process

Retirement planning involves trusting a retirement advisor that is proven.  One that has experience and know-how to provide you with results. A retirement advisor that can help you find the destination of a secure retirement.

At Secure Retirement Strategies, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

Our clients, both past and present, consistently offer glowing reviews of the strategies we have provided for them.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

When you entrust your past (earnings, savings, investments) and your future (changes to portfolios, aligning outcomes with current circumstances) to an entity to manage, you want to know that you have a team of advisors you can rely on to get a whole picture of your financial standing.

Listen as George Markus, executive financial planner at Secure Retirement Strategies, describes how our firm performs on your behalf when it comes to your financial assessment and advisement.


Two things that I think make us unique is firstly, that we aim to give you a complete inventory and understanding of your current positions. It’s vital that you understand your current circumstances and how you are positioned with your retirement planning and investment planning going forward. And we provide you written reports, impartial reports regarding your current positioning.

We then incorporate that into our plan. Which our plan is holistic, thorough and incorporates your ideals for your future. It’s not a partial plan. It’s not focused on certain aspects, ignoring others of your retirement planning, but rather incorporates vital objectives that you very well may have regarding income, growth, safety, long-term care coverage, quite possibly legacy planning so as to maximize an inheritance for your spouse, your family, and minimizing taxes all along the way.

Holistic financial planning starts with a complete understanding of where you are in order to understand and be able to go where you want to go. And that’s what we strive to provide you every step of the way.