When Markets Fluctuate…

Our current geopolitical and economic climate plays a huge role in people’s confidence in their financial planning strategies.

In this article, Michael Neft, one of the founding parters of Secure Retirement Strategies, elaborates on the benefits of indexed annuities.

Though the clip was filmed during a slightly different market climate than we’re currently experiencing, his insight surrounding this product as part of your portfolio couldn’t be more relevant.

If having this product in one of your buckets isn’t part of your strategy, contact us to find out more. We’d love to help your #retirementgoals become reality no matter what climate you experience.


Hi everybody, hope you’re all doing well. Today I want to talk a little bit about a rather unique product that everybody should own as a portion of their retirement assets. One of those buckets that we talk about. It’s called an indexed annuity and with the markets going up day after day, and we hope they continue to go up forever, the question always is “Gee, is there going to be a sell off or how do we participate and participate safely because we don’t want to lose money. The indexed annuities give you the ability to do both, to get market gains without market losses. To participate when the market goes up and get a good portion of that gain.

But when the market has a correction, never lose a penny. Never lose a penny of your principal, your initial investment. Never lose a penny of any gain that you have because every year you lock in a gain that stays yours. You never give it back. We like those. Indexes like the S&P 500 MARC 5, the multi-asset risk control derivative of the S&P, we love that index.

We follow other indexes, like the Barclays Focus 50, which is equivalent to a volatile controlled Dow Jones index. We follow Warren Buffet’s Wide Moat index, and we follow the NASDAQ indexes. All of which are within hybrid index annuities, which are going to give you some great market returns with none of the market risk.

Give us a call. Talk to us about this for one or two of the buckets that you have in retirement, where you can safely grow your money. Not worry about market risk and be happy when the markets go up and not worry when the markets go down.