You need to change your #1 goal for retirement!

Roller coasters are always the biggest attractions at theme parks.  They dominate the skyline, and you can hear the screams of both joy and fear as the riders hit maximum g-forces.  A roller coaster can be a great time when you are at an amusement park, but do you want your retirement to be on a roller coaster?  If you look at a typical stock chart it can be a lot of ups and downs with high peaks and low valleys.  When your money is on the way up, everything seems fine, but on the way down, it can get downright scary.

One of the critical questions we ask every client the first time we meet is “what is your #1 goal for retirement?”  We have heard a variety of responses such as “make sure my money lasts as long as I do,” “ensure I can afford long-term care,” or “leave a legacy to my kids.”  These are excellent goals, and we work to meet them for our clients.  However, there is always one that we think is critical that never gets enough press.

Peace of mind.

One retirement goal we have never heard from anyone is “I want the need to check the market every night to see if I will meet my income goal for the month.”  Your retirement shouldn’t depend on whether the market was up or the market was down on a given day.  Your retirement shouldn’t depend on the latest banter from the halls of Congress, and your retirement shouldn’t depend on the top headlines on the nightly news.

Your top goal for retirement should be peace of mind.  If you can enter retirement knowing exactly where your income will come from, and what would change if something unexpected occurred, you can enjoy your retirement the way you want to, and not on edge if the market has a bad day.

This is what we do at Secure Retirement Strategies.  We provide you a written income plan that provides that peace of mind you desire in retirement.   We use tools such as indexed annuities that protect your assets from ever losing a penny, no matter how bad market conditions may be.  Knowing your assets are secure with no downside risk while still being able to grow through the power of indexing is an important first step to gaining peace of mind in retirement.

If you need to elevate peace of mind to the top of your retirement goal lists, contact us today and get your retirement off the roller coaster.