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Planning for life after leaving the workforce can feel overwhelming, but with the proper amount of foresight and strategic planning, you can secure the retirement you’ve been dreaming of.

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At Secure Retirement Strategies, we have spent years helping our clients build wealth that can be used to not only fund their retirements but provide for their families for generations to come.

“We offer professional financial retirement strategies to individuals and families living in throughout the US. 

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When it comes to retirement plans, the only thing that truly matters is whether or not yours actually works. Unlike other financial retirement strategies, the ones produced by Secure Retirement Strategies have been tested and proven to work. We take our time to analyze your current financial portfolio, market trends, and your long-term retirement goals to develop a retirement plan that not only fits your needs but can also weather the storm of market changes.We offer retirement planning services as:

Tax-Free Income Strategies It may be hard to believe, but there are legal ways to accumulate wealth without paying taxes. While a lot of retirees tend to lean towards traditional forms of retirement savings such as employer-provided 401Ks, we encourage our clients to explore tax-exempt retirement and investment products such as:

  •    Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP)– Unlike traditional forms of life insurance, LIRPs feature a savings component that allows policyholders to accumulate tax-exempt money and withdraw funds tax free while they are still alive.
  •    Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) – A form of permanent life insurance that allows policyholders to build cash value and withdraw tax-exempt funds.
  •    Legacy Planning – While we can never predict the future, we can take measures to ensure that our loved ones will have the tools they need to continue to build a successful financial future. Estate planning is a powerful tool that retirees can use to address any concerns they may have about the financial security of their loved ones after they have passed on. Estate planning typically encompasses many different financial retirement strategies and tools such as tax-exempt income streams that can be continued by beneficiaries and tax-free death benefits. Annuities and life insurance remain two of the most popular estate planning tools.
    • Annuities – They are a contract between an investor and an insurance company where the insurance company provides tax-deferred investment returns and the investor can, at their discretion, create an income stream for them and pass the income and the remaining funds to their beneficiaries.
    • Life Insurance – A contract between an individual and an insurance company where, for an agreed upon premium payment schedule, the insurance company will provide a tax-free lump sum benefit paid to beneficiaries upon the passing of the individual.  If structured properly, this contract can build a cash value and provide tax-free benefits for the use of the individual while they are living.”