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Roth IRA’s Are Great. LIRPs Are Even Better

You’re probably familiar with Benjamin Franklin’s famous quip about how the only two things you can be sure of are death and taxes. Now, we’re not saying a LIRP will help you cheat the Grim Reaper (although a LIRP’s tax-free death benefit will help you provide for your beneficiaries when

Exploring The Power of LIRPs

In this episode of our podcast, we discuss the flexibility offered with LIRPs. There’s more than one way to get the most benefits out of having one, so if you have a LIRP, it also means you need the leading retirement planning company in the Lehigh County, Bucks County, Montgomery

LIRPs: A Well-Kept Secret for More Than 30 Years

If you’ve never heard of a Life Insurance Retirement Plan, or LIRP, you’re not alone. Experts estimate that as few as one in 1,500 Americans have heard of LIRPs, which means that a large segment of the population is not getting the most out of their retirement savings. If you’re

What to Look For When Purchasing a LIRP

Planning for your retirement involves evaluating a variety of factors and making sure you are comfortable with all the qualities of your plan for the rest of your life. In David McKnight’s book Look Before You LIRP, he compares the evaluation process to that of finding a spouse, in that

Comparing the LIRP With a Roth IRA

Retirement planning can come in all different shapes and forms, including a variety of different accounts. With each account serving a different purpose, it might be a bit confusing deciding what to invest in. Luckily, Secure Retirement Strategies can be your resource for retirement income planning in Hunterdon County, Mercer

What is an Investment-Grade Insurance Contract?

Investment-grade insurance contracts allow you to not only make tax-free investments but use your money when you need it. You can put your money away, build interest, and earn compound interest, with little to none being shared with the government. You can also leave money to your heirs without subjecting

Why Should You Be Using a LIRP?

Secure Retirement Strategies is dedicated to offering retirement income planning strategies to Lehigh County, PA, and the surrounding areas. We know that most people’s primary method of saving for retirement is either through 401(k) accounts or Roth IRAs. While these are all smart investments to be made, the most secure

What is a LIRP?

A life insurance retirement plan (LIRP) is the most secure method of financial retirement planning you could invest in. Members of Congress and senators have been using this type of policy for decades, so you know that it works. If you are looking into our retirement income planning strategies in

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