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Thank you!

As we draw closer to the end of the year, we would like to pause and take a moment to say thank you to our clients.  Thank you also to everyone who took time to join us for one of our seminars and thank you to everyone we’ve met with

The Forest of Taxes

If you had to guess how many individual trees make up the Amazon Rainforest, what would your answer be?  In totality, 9 countries contain at least a piece of the rainforest.  There are an estimated 16,000 different species of trees that make up the Rainforest.  The region is also home

What’s today’s forecast?

There’s always someone out there complaining about the local weatherman getting it wrong again.  “They said it was supposed be clear and now my picnic is ruined with all this rain” or “we’re in for 12 inches of snow today” when it’s 60 degrees outside.  Forecasting the weather is an

You need to change your #1 goal for retirement!

Roller coasters are always the biggest attractions at theme parks.  They dominate the skyline, and you can hear the screams of both joy and fear as the riders hit maximum g-forces.  A roller coaster can be a great time when you are at an amusement park, but do you want

How do you view taxes?

American author Wayne Dyer once said, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  We here at Secure Retirement Strategies tend to agree with this idea, especially when it comes to your perspective on taxes. We have a retirement crisis in this country

How LIRPs Offer Growth Amongst Other “Dead Money” Plans

For many individuals, long-term care is of chief concern. But when it comes to preparedness, they may fall short in carrying out their due diligence. This stems from an understandable hesitancy to pay steep premiums, especially for an intangible commodity such as life insurance. However, a Life Insurance Retirement Plan

LIRP: A Safety Net In a Volatile Market

As the market is continuously fluctuating week to week, or even day-to-day, it proves difficult to predict where we’re heading. Some individuals analyzing the market feel as if we are heading into another recession. With an economic downturn at risk, investing in products that offer consistency and permanence, especially during

Where Does My LIRP Stand Under the SECURE Act?

With the passing of the SECURE Act, the way you plan for the future has drastically changed. The age for taking RMDs has been pushed back from 70½ to 72, and inherited Roth and IRA accounts need to be spent over the course of ten years as opposed to spreading

How a LIRP Can Help You Through COVID-19

For the past month, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and most of the country have operated under a stay-at-home order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While this has had obvious effects on the health of thousands of Americans, it has also had adverse results on our economic system, resulting in an

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